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Why Collage Film Productions?

The Collage Film Productions team offer our clients excellent customer service, creativity and a desire to deliver stunning, beautiful and bespoke promotional films that make a client smile, but are delivered on time/promptly and at a very affordable budget.

The team's clients have been diverse and varied, but have mainly been drawn from sectors such as independent schools/colleges, sports federations, stately homes, historic houses, visitor attractions, prestige hotels, engineering, super yachts/marine (sales and manufacture), distilleries, hospitality, science/technology, tourism, online holiday sector etc.

We can efficiently deliver an all-inclusive promotional film/video production service, be it for social media advertising (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), right through to promo films to enhance your corporate website or marketing materials for conferences, press launches, reception areas or the business development team.

The Collage Film Productions team have produced, managed and helped facilitate, sumptuous promotional films for clients’ throughout the UK and overseas, with film production services including stunning 4K footage, CAA licensed 4K drone, post production, editing, music, graphics and underwater filming etc.

It is important to fully appreciate that clients come in all shapes, sizes and business sectors and we work hard to ensure that promotional film packages seamlessly fit into your budgets and expectations – a new promotional film is exciting, so let's prepare a bespoke solution for all your media needs, at a price that works for you!





Affordable Prices

A beautiful new promotional film is far more affordable than you think. Don't be the one to miss out on a fantastic new promotional film because you are under the false impression it will cost huge amounts of won't!

Don't Be Scared!

The Collage Film Production's team know exactly what we are doing, so will realise your dreams/visions and make them film fuss, no hassle. Our team will discuss your objectives and deliver an all inclusive film and production package....just relax and smile when you see the results...and the bill!


Fast And Efficient Delivery

The large majority of promotional films are shot in one busy day, with post production, editing and final delivery generally taking 7-10 days - the Collage Film Productions team believe in fast and efficient service....if you are paying for a film, you want it recouping it's cost and marketing your organisation as soon as possible.

Filming Should Be Fun!

Producing a promotional film should be fun and exciting, so despite being completely focused on the work in hand and very professional, we don't take ourselves too seriously..


Beautiful Films To Be Proud Of

There is nothing more rewarding in business than a happy and delighted client! We work hard to make our clients happy and proud of their shiny new promotional films and our mantra is, "If you deliver superb customer service, beautiful films and awesome value for money...they'll use you again!"

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